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Restore Your Garbage Cans

Garbage cans are gross and they are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. We have a chemical free cleaning process to deal with this issue. When we are done your can is disinfected, sanitized, deodorized and looks like new.

Restore Your Concrete

Tired off all those dirty tire tracks on your driveway? Or what about some of the hard to remove stains you’ve tried pressure washing out? Our hot water system is proven to be more effective at removing unwanted dirt and grim.

Restore Your Home

Our equipment is some of the most powerful washing equipment there is. We can restore your homes beauty and elegance with a deep cleansing of the exterior surfaces.

Water Filtration System

Advanced Power Washing Solutions strives in providing innovated cleaning solutions for your home and businesses. Our four stage reverse osmosis system will clean with the most pure and gentle water you have ever seen leaving a streak free clean. We use this to specialize in different exterior material that hard water and power washing might damage or leave residue on.

Power Washing Equipment

We provide eco friendly washing solutions. Our cleaning system is equipped with a power washing system capable of producing up to 4,000 PSI and over 200˚F water which has been proven to be more effect when cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. Our vacuum pump allows us to limit the amount of standing debris and water when cleaning concrete surfaces so we can provide better detail and quality. We are equipped with a wastewater tank that collects the black water created from washing out trash cans. We empty our wastewater tank in designated areas approved by the city so that we can keep St. George and the rest of Washington County clean and free of unwanted toxic waste.

Mission Statement

As one of the area’s best provider of power washing services, we’ve made it our priority to use innovative technology and eco-friendly methods to keep your home, business and the environment safe.

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