Residential Trash Can Cleaning:

6 months minimum
$12.50 (first can)
$5.00 (each additional can)
6 months minimum
$12.50 (first can)
$8.00 (each additional can)
1 year minimum
$12.50 (first can)
$10.00 (each additional can)
One Time Clean
(Includes all cans)
Commercial Dumpster Cleaning: $100 per dumpster

Other pressure washing services offered:

Driveways and Concrete$150-$300 per service**
Decks or Patios$80-$100 per hour**
Houses $250-$500 per house***
Other services$80-$100 per hour**

*Volume discounts apply for HOA’s and other large housing complexes with trash can and dumpster cleaning.
**Price is dependent on the SQFT of the job and the type of grime we are removing.
***Housing prices based on SQFT of house & includes house wash, driveway, walkways, patio/decks & all exterior windows.

If there is a service that is not listed above that you need please feel free to contact us and we will accommodate your needs!